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Archived Comments for: Proteomics computational analyses suggest that the carboxyl terminal glycoproteins of Bunyaviruses are class II viral fusion protein (beta-penetrenes)

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  1. Addendum

    Robert Garry, Tulane University Health Sciences Center

    27 November 2004

    After the appearance of this paper in Theoretical Biology and Medical Modelling, we were made aware of several prior publications relevant to our discussions. The suggestion to use the nomenclature Gn and Gc to replace G1 and G2 was first made in a paper from Richard Elliott's group [Lappin DF, Nakitare GW, Palfreyman JW, Elliott RM. Localisation of Bunyamwera bunyavirus G1 glycoprotein to the Golgi requires association with G2 but not NSm. J Gen Virol 1994, 75:3441-3451]. Ludwig and coworkers [Ludwig GV, Israel BA, Christensen BM, Yuill TM, Schultz KT. Role of La Crosse virus glycoproteins in attachment of virus to host cells. Virology 1991, 181:564-571] presented data indicating that the La Crosse virus glycoprotein G1 (Gc) is the viral attachment protein (VAP) for vertebrate cells, and that G2 (Gn) serves the same purpose for mosquito midgut cells. Two groups [Kormelink R, Storms M, Van Lent J, Peters D, Goldbach R. Expression and subcellular location of the NSM protein of tomato spotted wilt virus (TSWV), a putative viral movement protein. Virology 1994, 200: 56-65 and Soellick T, Uhrig JF, Bucher GL, Kellmann JW, Schreier PH. The movement protein NSm of tomato spotted wilt tospovirus (TSWV): RNA binding, interaction with the TSWV N protein, and identification of interacting plant proteins. PNAS 2000, 97:2373-2378] have provided evidence that the tospovirus NSm protein functions as the viral movement protein. The cellular receptors for pathogenic hantaviruses have been identified as beta3 integrins [Gavrilovskaya IN, Brown EJ, Ginsberg MH, Mackow ER. Cellular entry of hantaviruses which cause hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome is mediated by beta3 integrins. J Virol 1999, 73:3951-3959]. We also note that the official abbreviation for sandfly fever Sicilian virus is SFSV and for Hantaan virus is HTNV [Elliott RM, Bouloy M, Calisher CH, Goldbach R, Moyer JT, Nichol ST, Pettersson R, Plyusnin A, Schmaljohn CS: Bunyaviridae. In: Virus Taxonomy. Seventh Report of the International Committee on Taxonomy of Viruses. Edited by van Regenmortel MVH, Fauquet CM, Bishop DHL, Carstens EB, Estes MK, Lemon SM, Maniloff J, Mayo MA, McGeoch DJ, Pringle CR, Wickner RB. San Diego: Academic Press; 2000:599-621].

    Competing interests

    I am an author of this manuscript.