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Archived Comments for: A rational treatment of Mendelian genetics

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  1. Corrections to TBioMed 1:6 (2004) communicated by the author

    Paul Agutter, Theoretical Medicine and Biology Group

    1 October 2009

    Dr Porteous has asked me to point out to readers that the following corrections should be made to the above article (doi: 10.1186/1742-4682-1-6):-

    In Section 2.4 on 5th page, in the 2nd complete paragraph, in the 3rd line of text: the words “of the asymptote” should be deleted.

    And on the 4th line: the words “on the asymptote” should be deleted; and, in this case, replaced by the words “of the flux response”.

    Dr Porteous asks me to apologise for these errors in the published article.

    Competing interests

    I declare that I have no competing interests.