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Figure 15 | Theoretical Biology and Medical Modelling

Figure 15

From: A mathematical model for LH release in response to continuous and pulsatile exposure of gonadotrophs to GnRH

Figure 15

Panel A shows the results of an experiment of Stojilkovic et al. [6] in which rat pituitary cells were exposed to two 30 minute pulses of 100 nM endothelin at one hour intervals. Note that the response to Endothelin is markedly different than the response to GnRH in Panel A of Figure 14. If we change the present model by increasing in internalization of receptors (k11 = 0.8/n nM-1·min-1) and a decreasing the return of internalized receptors (from 60% to 10%), then the model (Panel B) closely approximates the experimental results. The ordinate units for Panels B are ng.

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