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Figure 1

From: Fluctuations in Tat copy number when it counts the most: a possible mechanism to battle the HIV latency

Figure 1

The meaning of the noise-free and the noise-based activations. The figure illustrates the meaning behind the noise-free and noise-based activations. All graphs were drawn by hand. Γ i (Φ) with i=0,1,2 are distribution functions for the observable Φ for three systems in three operating points: the latent cell i=0, the cell that has been activated using the noise-based therapy (i=1), and the cell that has been activated using noise-free therapy (i=2). and Σ i are the means and the standard deviations. The noise free therapy (NFT) shifts the operating point of the virus from the stable (latent) operating point O P0 to the operating point O P 2. This almost certainly activates the virus since . The noise-based therapy (NBT) induces the shift from the O P0 to the operating point O P1 where the activation is less certain but still possible since the tail of the Γ1 enters into the activation region and . Variable κ is a numerical factor close to 1.

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