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Figure 2 | Theoretical Biology and Medical Modelling

Figure 2

From: Modeling the obesity epidemic: social contagion and its implications for control

Figure 2

Sensitivity of the prevalence of obesity to the parameters determining the hazard and the recovery. Equilibrium prevalence is computed by varying a single parameter, i.e., the transmission rate for panel A and the mean recovery rate for panel B. A. The bold line shows the baseline result, varying only the transmission coefficient β. The other lines represent the scenarios in which ε is varied to the 0%, 10% and 1000% relative to the baseline value (from the horizontal axis to the top, the lines represent 0, 10 and 1000%, respectively). B. The bold line shows the equilibrium prevalence of obesity using baseline parameter values other than the average duration of obesity, 1/γ. Two other lines represent the scenarios in which σ is varied to 10% (bottom) and 1000% (top), respectively, relative to the baseline value.

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