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Table 1 Parameter values for the transmission model to describe an obesity epidemic

From: Modeling the obesity epidemic: social contagion and its implications for control

Description Notation Baseline value Reference
Population size N 100,000 assumed
Average life expectancy at birth 1/μ 69.4 (years) [1]
Transmission coefficient of obesity β 2.96 × 10-7 (per year) [12]
Non-contagious hazard of obesity ε 0.012 (per year) [13]
Relative hazard of obesity among ex-obese σ 8.0 [12]
Average duration of obesity 1/γ 35.8 (years) [13]
  1. The parameters shown above were used for baseline scenario. During univariate sensitivity analysis, these parameters were also used except for a single parameter that was varied.