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Table 5 Summary of tools used

From: Structural, phylogenetic and docking studies of D-amino acid oxidase activator (DAOA), a candidate schizophrenia gene

Sr.No. Tools/Databases Output/Function
1 BioGPS Expression profiling
2 GeneCards Expression profiling
3 UniProt Protein Data
4 MODELLER Structure prediction
5 AutoDock Docking Analysis
6 HOPE server Mutational analysis
7 STRING Protein-Protein Interactions
8 PubChem Ligand Retrieval
9 ChemDraw Ligand Drawing
10 GRAMM-X Protein-Protein Docking
11 ENSEMBL Retrieval of Phylogenetic Sequences
12 VMD Binding interactions of docked protein-ligand complexes
13 PyMOL Binding interactions of docked protein-protein complexes
14 MEGA Phylogenetic Analysis
15 Chimera Visualization, Superimposition, Interaction
16 LigPlot For interaction