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Table 1 Geometric average ranking of random permeability lattices

From: A physiologically-based flow network model for hepatic drug elimination II: variable lattice lobule models

Parameter SS Flow Rate (cm3/min) Geometric Average Rate (cm3/min)
Try1 1.68366e-6 1.9009e-6
Try2 1.71368e-6 1.9246e-6
Try3 1.62196e-6 1.9568e-6
Try4 1.94859e-6 1.9554e-6
Try5 1.99852e-6 1.9891e-6
Try6 1.70890e-6 1.9119e-6
Try7 1.09153e-6 1.9924e-6
Try8 1.34926e-6 1.9038e-6
Try9 1.61186e-6 1.9246e-6
Try10 1.10223e-6 1.9148e-6
Try11 1.21848e-6 1.9365e-6
Base Case 2.44415e-6 2.4415e-6