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Table 2 Metapopulation model variables

From: Metapopulation epidemic models with heterogeneous mixing and travel behaviour

   Value used
   in numerical
Variable Definition simulations
k degree of a subpopulation, i.e. number of connectionsto other subpopulations [1; V ]
P(k) = k-γ;γ subpopulation degree distribution; power-law exponent γ = 2.3,3
V;V k total number of subpopulations; number of subpopulationswith degree k V = 104
  average population of a node, population of a node;  
N ̄ , N k = N ̄ k ϕ k ϕ ; with degree k N ̄ =1 0 4
ϕ; power-law exponent; ϕ = 3/4
w 0 mobility scale w0 = 0.05
  number of travelers from a subpopulation with degree k l  
w lm  = w0(k l k m )θ; to a subpopulation with degree k m ;  
θ power-law exponent θ = 0.5