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Table 2 Mean (SD) estimates for PV in subjects with type 2 diabetes studied prior to treatment

From: Optimal back-extrapolation method for estimating plasma volume in humans using the indocyanine green dilution method

Back-extrapolation time N PV (L) PV (mL/kg)
t = 0 36 2.5 (0.6) 26.8 (5.4)
t = 1 minute 36 3.3 (0.8) 35.1 (7.0)
  1. SD standard deviation, PV plasma volume, ICG indocyanine green.
  2. Note: For each subject, PV was estimated using standard linear regression of the log-transformed ICG concentrations and back-extrapolation to the specified time point for estimation of the theoretical initial concentration of ICG.