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Table 1 Parameters of the example infarcted LV model

From: A model to determine the effect of collagen fiber alignment on heart function post myocardial infarction

Total undeformed LV length 10 cm
Total undeformed LV height 5 cm
Undeformed thickness of healthy regions 0.8 cm
Undeformed thickness of scar region 0.4 cm
Mechanical properties of healthy regions  
Fung constant (c) 880 Pa
Fung constant (bcc) 18.5
Fung constant (bxx) 3.58
Fung constant (bxc) 1.63
Number of layers 9
Myocyte fiber angle range −50 to 50
Mechanical properties of scar region  
Collagen crimp angle (θo) 25.5°
Ratio of collagen helix diameter (Dcol) to filament diameter (dcol) 2.39
Young’s modulus of collagen (Ecol) 1.16 MPa
Neo-Hookean constant for ground material (cg) 5.72 kPa
Fiber alignment factor ( γ ) 0.771
Volumetric collagen fiber fraction (ωcol) 0.4