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Figure 2

From: A selection criterion for patterns in reaction–diffusion systems

Figure 2

Magnification of associated Fokker-Planck solutions of Gierer-Meinhardt model with one morphogen in two spatial dimensions. Original solutions were obtained over the domain  x [-3.15, 3.15]. Cases correspond to parameters (left) b = -0.02, (middle) b = 0, and (right) b = 0.02. The Fokker-Planck equation was solved in Comsol, until steady state (total time T = 1000) with a time step of 0.01, and zero-flux boundary conditions. The initial condition was defined as u x , t = 0 = e - x 2 over the domain, and a diffusion coefficient D = 0.1  was used. Dotted lines are used to emphasize differences between local optima.

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