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Table 1 Table of parameters: parameters used in simulations have been estimated based on the values introduced in following sources

From: Modeling drug resistance in a conjoint normal-tumor setting

Parameter Units Description Estimated value Reference source
rT Time−1 Growth rate for the drug sensitive tumor cells 0.3 [31]
KT Cells Carrying capacity of tumor cells 1.2×106 [31]
β Time−1 Normal-tumor cell interaction rate 1 [31]
ρ0 Cells Interaction clearance term 1 [31]
ρ1 Cells Half-saturation for interaction 1000 [31]
rN Time−1 Growth rate for the normal cells 0.4 [31]
KN Cells Carrying capacity of normal cells 106 [31]
κ Time−1 Tumor-normal cell interaction rate 0–0.028 [31]
T* Cells Critical size of tumor 3×105 [31]