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Figure 2 | Theoretical Biology and Medical Modelling

Figure 2

From: A statistical approach to estimating the strength of cell-cell interactions under the differential adhesion hypothesis

Figure 2

Checkerboard simulation. The interaction intensities were chosen as follows: J(τ1, τ1) = 1, J(τ2, τ2) = 1, J(τ1, τ2) = 0, J(τ1, τ E ) = 0, J(τ2, τ E ) = 0 and J(τ E , τ E ) = 0. (a) The configuration obtained after 100,000 iterations with θ = 10. (b) The decrease of the energy as a function of the iteration steps. (c) The evolution of the accpetance rate as a function of the iteration steps.

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