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Table 1 Blood-brain barrier uptake rates of glucose, oxygen, ammonia, cystine and essential amino acids; and carbon dioxide release rate (μmol/g tissue/min). The related references for the rates are given under "Parameters used in the stoichiometric model" section. A: Astrocytes, N: Neurons, CMR: Cerebral Metabolic Rate

From: Reconstruction and flux analysis of coupling between metabolic pathways of astrocytes and neurons: application to cerebral hypoxia

CMRGlucose 0.160
CMRGlucosesN 0.160
CMRO2A 0.530
CMRO2N 1.230
CMRCO2A 0.515–0.530
CMRCO2N 1.193–1.230
CystineA 0.0045
AmmoniaA 0.0035
PhenyalanineN 0.0132
TryptophanN 0.0082
LeucineA 0.0145
IsoleucineA 0.0040
TyrosineN 0.0041
ValineA 0.0018
LysineN 0.0103