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Table 1 Parameter values that were used in the simulations of the basic model.

From: A unified framework of immunological and epidemiological dynamics for the spread of viral infections in a simple network-based population

Parameter Description Value (units)
λ Production rate of uninfected cells 10.0 (cells/day)
d Rate of uninfected cell die-off 0.1 (day-1)
β Rate infected cells are produced from uninfected cells and free virus 0.01 (virion·day-1)
a Infected cell death rate (due to virus) 0.5 (day-1)
p Rate that infected cells are killed by CTL E cells 1.0 (cells/day)
b Rate that CTL P die-off 0.001 (day-1)
q Fraction of CTL P cells that proliferate into CTL E cells 0.1 (T-cell/T-cell)
h Rate of CTL E die-off 0.1 (day-1)
k Rate at which free virions are produced from infected cells 3.0 (virion·day-1)
u Viral decay rate 3.0 (day-1)
  1. Simulations were based on values used in Nowak and May [1], Nowak and Bangham [3] and Wodarz and colleagues [4]. Immune responsiveness (c i ) and the connectivity coefficient (ω i ) were varied throughout this paper. Their specific values for each simulation experiment are described in the Methods section.