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Archived Comments for: Correlation between nucleotide composition and folding energy of coding sequences with special attention to wobble bases

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  1. Overlap in terminology of nucleic acid folding

    Donald Forsdyke, Queen's University, Canada

    20 September 2008

    There is a profusion of overlapping terminology in the field of nucleic acid folding studies. Readers might like to note that the author's three terms TFE, CFE and FFE(PFE) are very close to those introduced by Le & Maizel in 1989 (E, Er, and E - Er)[1], and by myself in the early 1990s (FONS, FORS-M and FORS-D)[2]. For example, see Table 1 of Forsdyke (2007), which may be accessed at BMC.

    1. Le S-Y, Maizel JV: A method for assessing the statistical significance of RNA folding. J Theor Biol 1989 138:495-510.

    2 Forsdyke DR: Calculation of folding energies of single-stranded nucleic acid sequences: conceptual issues.J Theor Biol 2007 248:745-753.

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