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Figure 1

From: Homeostatic mechanisms in dopamine synthesis and release: a mathematical model

Figure 1

Dopamine synthesis, release, and reuptake. The figure shows the reactions in the model. Rectangular boxes indicate substrates and blue ellipses contain the acronyms of enzymes or transporters. The numbers indicate the steady state concentrations (μ M) and reaction velocities (μ M/hr) in the model. Full names for the substrates are in Methods. Other acronyms: vTyr, neutral amino acid transporter; DRR, dihydrobiopterin reductase; TH, tyrosine hydroxylase; AADC, aromatic amino acid decarboxylase; MAT, vesicular monoamine transporter; DAT, dopamine transporter; auto, D2 dopamine auto receptors; MAO monoamine oxidase; COMT, catecholamine O-methyl transferase.

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