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Archived Comments for: A mechanistic model of infection: why duration and intensity of contacts should be included in models of disease spread

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  1. Disclaimer: TBioMed 2009, 6:25

    Paul Agutter, TMBG

    17 November 2009

    As Editor-in-Chief of the journal, I respectfully draw the attention of readers to the author's disclaimer in the Acknowledgments section of this paper. Dr Smieszek is conerned that no liability issues arise from the publication of the data in the Supplementary File. The Editors share that concern, for ethical as well as business reasons.

    Anyone who wishes to use the data in this paper must credit Dr Smieszek, and his institution (the data are owned by ETH Zurich). Two other persons also contributed to the data collection but did not qualify as authors of the article. Please contact Dr Smieszek, directly or via the Editors, for details.

    Before making use of the data, please read the Acknowledgments in this paper, and cite the reference fully in all communications.

    Competing interests

    None declared