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Figure 10 | Theoretical Biology and Medical Modelling

Figure 10

From: A nucleotide binding rectification Brownian ratchet model for translocation of Y-family DNA polymerases

Figure 10

Predicted results of ratio, , versus the external backward force F acting on the Pol for different values of E n - E n+1 , where k b ( F ) is the dNTP-binding rate under effect of the external force F and is the dNTP-binding rate under no external force. Curves from upper to lower are for E n -En+1= -5k B T, -4k B T, -3k B T, 0, 3k B T and 5k B T, where E n -En+1= -5k B T, -4k B T, -3k B T correspond to replicative Pols, E n -En+1= 0 corresponds to Dbh, Pol ι and Pol η and E n -En+1= 3k B T and 5k B T correspond to Dpo4.

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