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Figure 20 | Theoretical Biology and Medical Modelling

Figure 20

From: Mathematical modeling of solid cancer growth with angiogenesis

Figure 20

Dynamical trajectories using γ near but lower than γ 2 c Dynamical trajectories of the system (1) considering the values of parameters given in Table 2, except γ near but lower than γ 2 c . When T(0) = 0.42 ( Q ̄ 0 is attracting for T(0) = 0.41), limit cycle with large amplitude circulating unstable Q ̄ > * occurs for γ = 2.519 × 10-2. Regular oscillations are observed in all variables: C and E (a), T (b), P (c) and A (d). The scales of vertical and horizontal axes must be multiplied by the factors shown in the legends to obtain the actual values.

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