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Fig. 4

From: Establishment of a new initial dose plan for vancomycin using the generalized linear mixed model

Fig. 4

Comparison of correlation of PMMPV with BEPV and GLMMPV with BEPV. Fig. 4a indicates correlation of PMMPV and BEPV. Fig. 4b indicates correlation of GLMMPV and BEPV. Solid line is regression line with response variable as BEPV and explanatory variable as either PMMPV or GLMMPV. If Css-trough can be accurately predicted when establishing the initial dose plan, then all data plots will be located on the dotted line, and the solid and dotted lines will be identical. The letters a, b, and c indicate patients who showed improved accuracy in their VCM Css-trough predictions with the GLMM best model. The length of the dashed lines drawn vertically from a, b, and c indicates (a) PMMPDQ (the difference between PMMPV and BEPV) and (b) GLMMPDQ (the difference between GLMMPV and BEPV). The letters d, e, f, g and h indicate patients who showed the largest positive or negative deviation in their predictions

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