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Fig. 1

From: A mathematical model for histamine synthesis, release, and control in varicosities

Fig. 1

Schematic of the model. Abbreviations: bHT, blood histidine; cHT, cytosolic histidine; HTpool, the histidine pool; cHA, cytosolic histamine; vHA, vesicular histamine; eHA, extracellular histamine, gHA, glial cell histamine; bHA, the concentration of bound autoreceptors; G and G , the inactive and active G-protein subunit; T and T , the inactive and active RGS protein; HTL, the histidine transporter; HTDC, histidine decarboxylase; HNMT, histamine methyltransferase; HAT, the putative HA transporter; H 3, histamine autoreceptor

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