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Fig. 5 | Theoretical Biology and Medical Modelling

Fig. 5

From: A conceptual model for optimizing vaccine coverage to reduce vector-borne infections in the presence of antibody-dependent enhancement

Fig. 5

Accumulated Zika infections via each transmission route. a through Route 1 (individuals are infected by ZIKV with no prior dengue infection) for the case without vaccination; through Route 1A (individuals are infected by ZIKV either with no prior dengue infection or with prior dengue vaccination) for the case with vaccination; b through Route 2 (individuals are coinfected with Zika and dengue); c through Route 3 (individuals, who were infected with dengue previously and recovered, are subsequently infected with ZIKV); d through all routes. The dash curves denote the number with dengue vaccine while the solid curves are the number without dengue vaccine. Here we fix βd=0.07, βz=0.07, κ=2 and Pv=0.3

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