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Table 1 Characteristics of the five patients investigated in this study, where Adeno Ca represents adenocarcinoma, LUL, RUL and RLL represent left upper lobe, right upper lobe, and right lower lobe, respectively, and GTV represents gross tumor volume

From: Kinetic modeling of tumor regression incorporating the concept of cancer stem-like cells for patients with locally advanced lung cancer

Patient Age Sex Stage Histology GTV (cm3) Location Treatment
A1 77 Male IIIA Adeno Ca 162.5 LUL RT/chemo
A2 80 Male IIIB Adeno Ca 177.1 RUL RT/chemo
S1 65 Female IIIA Squamous 115.9 RLL RT/chemo
S2 78 Male IIIB Squamous 77.6 RUL RT/chemo
S3 80 Female IIIA Squamous 91.8 RUL RT/chemo