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Table 4 Parameter descriptions and values for Model 4

From: Assessing parameter identifiability in compartmental dynamic models using a computational approach: application to infectious disease transmission models

Parameters Description Value
Nh Population size (humans) 200,000
Nv Population size (mosquitos) 1,000,000
a Mosquito biting rate (number of bites per mosquito per day) 0.5
b Probability of infection from an infectious mosquito to a susceptible human (per bite) 0.4
β Transmission rate from symptomatically infected humans to susceptible humans (per day) 0.05
α Relative human-to-human transmissibility of exposed humans to symptomatic humans 0.6
τ Relative human-to-human transmissibility of convalescent to symptomatic humans 0.3
ϴ Proportion of symptomatic infections 0.18
1/κh Intrinsic incubation period in humans (days) 5
1/γh1 Duration of acute phase (days) 5
1/γh2 Duration of convalescent phase (days) 20
1/γh Duration of asymptomatic infection (days)  
1/μv Mosquito lifespan (days) 14
c Transmission probability from a symptomatically infected human to a susceptible mosquito per bite 0.5
ρ Relative human-to-mosquito transmission probability of exposed humans to symptomatically infected humans 0.1
1/κv Extrinsic incubation period in mosquitos (days) 10
R0 Basic reproductive number 1.486
  1. Parameter values are consistent with the 2016 Zika outbreak in Brazil, Colombia, and El Salvador [26]