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Fig. 6

From: MiStImm: an agent-based simulation tool to study the self-nonself discrimination of the adaptive immune response

Fig. 6

Sensitivity analysis to investigate how 13 critical input parameters impact certain output values 5 days after a random type of infection. a Value distribution of the input parameters b Pearson correlation coefficient between input parameters (horizontal axis) and output variables (vertical axis). Values are rounded to one decimal. c Scatter plot of the input parameter r0 (action radius of naive B cells) and the output variable nW (number of self cells). d Scatter plot of the input parameter taub0 (mean waiting time between two actions of a B cell) and the output variable nR (number of foreign cells). Descriptions of the output variables: nW, no. selfs; nR, no. foreign cells; nB, no. B cells; nAb, no. antibodies; nTh, no. T cells; nIL, no. danger signals; nM, no. bone marrow cells. Description of input parameters: see Table 1 in Additional file 1 or the file “indat1” in the Github repository of MiStImm

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